Using Social Media To Make Your Restaurant More Successful

Social Media has changed the world, and the restaurant business is no exception.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more allow people to express their opinions, share photos of their beautifully prepared plates and tag their friends and family at their favorite cafés and restaurants.

But beyond the continuous stream of reviews, social media can help your restaurant to be more successful in a number of ways.

  •         Advertising Promotions: Adding the occasional coupon to your Facebook page or Tweeting about a special promotion can be rewarding. In addition to being a way to ensure regular business, this strategy will also help to create new customers as those who follow or like your restaurant will share with their circles.
  •         Special Events: Live music, pictures of opening night and other special events are exactly what social media is all about. By including things like videos of wine tastings and other events you give those present a chance to spread the word about your restaurant and give those who have never been there to have a virtual tour of sorts.
  •         New Info: Social Media is a great place to generate interest in new promotions like the addition of a happy hour or a kids eat free night. Social media sites like Facebook are an excellent place to showcase beautiful pictures of new menu items as well.
  •         Feedback: A never-ending source of customer feedback, social media can be a place to determine your restaurant’s strengths and areas that need improvements. One way to set your business apart from its competition is to take time to respond to comments; apologizing, reassuring and thanking people for their input is appreciated more than most think.
  •         Analyzing Your Competitors: In the same way that feedback helps you to run a better restaurant by correcting issues, looking at deficiencies in your competitors through negative feedback on their social media can help you to do better than them in an area. This strategy is aggressive and tactical, but should never be engaged through dirty or dishonest methods.
  •         Stand Out: Social media is a platform from which you can show how your restaurant differs from others. Playing up the uniqueness of your restaurant’s atmosphere and food, as well as any other areas interest, can lead to an increase in traffic as people who are looking for a new dining experience.
  •         Contests and Prize Winning: Adding a promotion to offer a package give-away like dinner for two and two tickets to a local event or entertainment venue can bring excitement and give your fans a reason to share and come back.

Social media can be a tool for promoting your restaurant that will increase interest and have people talking about what you have to offer.  Using a strategic social media plan to get attention for your business can be very rewarding (and perhaps best of all, it’s free!).